Copy Editing

copyediting magnifying glass

Copy editing

As well as providing copy, I am regularly asked to clean up existing copy. My work on this has ranged from websites for charities to a series of reports published by an environmental NGO. As well as simply checking for errors, my briefs have usually required me to clean and simplify copy and to make the tone more accessible without detracting from necessary factual information.

Copy editing can easily become a complete copywriting job so clear parameters have to be set as to what you want achieving – there’s no point in throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater!


While copy editing can be engrossing, transcribing is possibly the most tedious part of any writing job – let’s face it! Fear not, however, as I am well-versed in transcribing interviews and seminars etc, and so am (almost) immune to the rigours of the task! I can provide verbatim transcripts, or style the copy according to your requirements.