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Ross Noble interview, Spring 2007

Star of the Edinburgh Festival and voted 10th best stand up of all time, Ross Noble is a comic phenomenon. Julian Hall catches up with him ahead of his latest world tour.

There are no two ways about it, Ross Noble is a comic phenomenon. You may not have seen him on television much, except perhaps the odd appearance on Have I Got News For You, but he has probably been to your town at least twice and has consequently built a massive following and become one of comedy’s biggest stars. The 31 year old, recently voted the 10th funniest stand up of all time by Channel 4viewers, has an insatiable appetite for live tours and has been on a national tour each year for the last five years as well as being a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the comedy festival in Melbourne, where he now lives for the part of the year that he gets to stand still.

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