Sex and the City 2

Review for Prospect magazine’s blog section, 10th June 2010

“Customers—don’t serve them til you see the whites of their eyes, lads.”

These words of wisdom came from a colleague at a bookshop where I used to work part-time, and they rang in my head last week as I faced an army of women, all heels, elbows and attitude, stomping their way to the cinema bar where I work (also part-time) to lubricate their excitement at the prospect of Sex and the City 2. In the whites of these girls’ eyes were cosmopolitan-fuelled sugar plum princesses, dancing in expensive shoes, dreaming of romantic love and material comfort.

Did I resent them, for taking the bar’s promotional slogan seriously and getting “Carried away” by ordering fourteen cocktails in one go? For getting huffy and clicking their heels twice if they didn’t get served in the order of their perceived importance within the group rather than the order of their appearance at the bar? Probably. But did I blame them for being spellbound by fairytale imagery? No.

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