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The End of Friends – Again.

August 2011, self-published Could I have been any more gutted? At the start of September, after a 16-year run, the like, totally awesome sitcom Friends finally ended its cycle on E4 and Channel 4. Teatimes at the imaginary Central Perk of my kitchen table would never be the same again. Hello? I mean, goodbye? Was […]

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Seinfeld review for The Stage, 2011.

The Stage, 6th June 2011 The word ‘masterclass’ was freely bandied about the O2 immediately after Jerry Seinfeld finished his first publicised UK appearance in thirteen years. Ninety minutes of consummate stand-up will do that. Rarely smiling at even the punchlines he knew he could be most proud of, the American veteran approached set-ups and […]

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Lord Sugar, piece for Smarta.

“You can’t buy a bottle of entrepreneur juice! It’s either there or not” Almost everyone who has heard of Lord Sugar knows that he started out selling to a rag-and-bone man and found his early returns on car aerials before moving up the technological pecking order to computers. At 63, TV’s favourite entrepreneur is still […]

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