Tunnel 228 review, Indyblogs

A ‘tunnel of love’ but 228’s the number of the bored Posted by Julian Hall Friday, 22 May 2009 at 06:26 pm Is Punchdrunk’s Tunnel 228 a great example of the Emperor’s new clothes, or in this case, new bunker? The latest venture from the much vaunted theatre group has set the chattering classes teethContinue reading “Tunnel 228 review, Indyblogs”

Rob Brydon

Reviewed by Julian Hall Hexagon, Reading The Independent, 24th March 2009 When Rob Brydon’s support act, Hal Cruttenden, announces himself, there’s the customary puzzlement from the section of the audience that didn’t realise there was a warm-up. When Brydon announces himself, after the interval, there seemed to be a smaller group that hadn’t realised thatContinue reading “Rob Brydon”

The Wire blog, 19th May 2009, Indyblogs

[If you’ve not seen all of The Wire yet, the following contains perilous scenes of spoilers] When Buffy left the building I wondered if I would enjoy a TV show as much again. When a friend told me that there was this cop show that was really good, I was sceptical. A cop show? The only thingContinue reading “The Wire blog, 19th May 2009, Indyblogs”

Arthur Smith: My Name is Daphne Fairfax

The grumpy old man of comedy surveys his career Reviewed by Julian Hall Independent on on Sunday, 24th May 2009 Arthur Smith once helped me to promote a book I wrote by taking a BBC reporter for a wander around his self-proclaimed fiefdom of Balham. That he did more for my book than its publishersContinue reading “Arthur Smith: My Name is Daphne Fairfax”

A tale of two cities, five boroughs and some large apples, Indyblogs

Anyone who has not yet visited New York already knows two things; that it is a “Big Apple” and that it was so good they named it twice. After my last visit to New York I think that I may have found the common theme to both these observations – Brooklyn, the vast, varied andContinue reading “A tale of two cities, five boroughs and some large apples, Indyblogs”

30 Years of the Comedy Store

When the Comedy Store threw open its doors, it rewrote the joke book. Julian Hall celebrates 30 years of mirth – and 10 comedians recall their first, nerve-wracking, appearances there. The Independent, 18th May, 2009 Once dubbed “Comedy’s Unofficial National Theatre”, The Comedy Store is 30 years old this month. Quality control has been theContinue reading “30 Years of the Comedy Store”

The Secret Policeman’s Ball 2008 – The Independent

The Secret Policeman’s Ball, The Albert Hall, London By Julian Hall Wednesday, 8 October 2008 Having attended the last two outings of Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball at The Albert Hall, it strikes me as an occasion as bewildering for it’s audience as it is for the acts who have never played this grand venueContinue reading “The Secret Policeman’s Ball 2008 – The Independent”

Here and Now – 80s Revival Nostalgia, Indyblogs

If I said that I set off for the ‘Here and Now’ 80s reunion gig at Wembley Arena with a certain amount of trepidation then I’m not saying anything surprising. Most of us would do the same. Besides I carry trepidation like most people carry a wallet or an iPod (I can often be seenContinue reading “Here and Now – 80s Revival Nostalgia, Indyblogs”

Doing A Didier – 7th May 2009, Indyblogs

I’ve been musing on last night’s Chelsea game and as much as it is certain that Didier Drogba faces censure, and that this will have to be seen to be done, I can’t help feeling sorry for a sanguine but seriously miffed Gus Hiddink. The decisions of referee Tom Ovrebo (an anagram of ‘boot mover’Continue reading “Doing A Didier – 7th May 2009, Indyblogs”