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Tunnel 228 review, Indyblogs

A ‘tunnel of love’ but 228’s the number of the bored Posted by Julian Hall Friday, 22 May 2009 at 06:26 pm Is Punchdrunk’s Tunnel 228 a great example of the Emperor’s new clothes, or in this case, new bunker? The latest venture from the much vaunted theatre group has set the chattering classes teeth […]

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Rob Brydon reviewed for The Independent, 2009.

Reviewed by Julian Hall Hexagon, Reading The Independent, 24th March 2009 When Rob Brydon’s support act, Hal Cruttenden, announces himself, there’s the customary puzzlement from the section of the audience that didn’t realise there was a warm-up. When Brydon announces himself, after the interval, there seemed to be a smaller group that hadn’t realised that […]

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