Fringe Directing & Show Notes

Fringe Directing & Show Notes


Edinburgh Fringe Directing & Show Notes

Offering directing and show notes is, along with PR, another logical extension of my 11 years as a comedy critic for The Independent (I have also reviewed for Metro, The Stage, Chortle, Fest, and London is Funny).

While I always considered my reviews to be as constructive as possible, the opportunity to actively engage with a show and to shape it has been an extremely rewarding journey for both myself and the performers concerned.

My aim is to make sure a show’s structure is sound, that the themes and messages are clear, and to squeeze as much comic juice from lines and scenarios as possible. With the demands of the Fringe in mind, I look to stylise presentation where that is applicable, so without getting in the way of a natural persona and momentum.

How the packages break down:

Show notes:

• attendance at a preview

• write up notes from the preview

• meeting to discuss notes for 60-90 minutes

Total: £125



Essentially a repeat of the above pattern – set at 8 previews for £1000.
Some examples of recent work include:



Show notes for Glenn Moore and Rory O’Keefe.




Pierre Novellie in Pierre Novellie is Cool Peter.  Received a number of 4 and 5-star reviews including 4-stars in The Times (‘a big presence…He will go far.’ Dominic Maxwell).

Show Notes

Among the acts I provided show notes for in 2016 were Glenn Moore, Stuart Mitchell and Austentatious, all of who enjoyed very successful Edinburgh Fringe runs.



Show Notes

Matt Winning’s Mugabe and Me (3D) (**** The List and The Skinny). Giada Garofalo’s Live in the Staff Room: Sex, Fairy Tales, Serial Killers and Other Stuff (**** The Scotsman).




Inder Manocha’s Fringe return, after eight years away, White Man’s Burden, was highly praised by Kate Copstick in The Scotsman (“an intelligent, eloquent, engaging and very funny hour” ****), Joe Bor’s A Room With A Jew was also warmly received.

Show Notes

Alex Edelman bagged numerous 4* reviews and went on to win the newcomer section of The Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards with his show Millennial. Anna Emerson’s acclaimed show, An Evening with Patti DuPont , received great notices in The List (“the bottled essence of the Fringe. A class act.” ****) and The Times, among others. The Kat and Jon Appeal, like Anna, fared very well at Freestival and received good press online (**** ShortCom).



“Julian’s in-depth notes were tremendously helpful. He had constructive notes about every aspect of the show, which were vital in helping me put the finishing touches on it, and I very much look forward to working with him again.”
Glenn Moore

“I had Julian taking show notes for me last year and could not recommend him highly enough. He took a lot of notes during the preview and gave me thorough professional feedback about the narrative structure, the delivery and possible ideas on how to expand some routines; all trying to understand my voice rather than imposing his ideas. He’s professional, friendly, and a real pleasure to work with”
Giada Garofalo
“I found Julian’s notes extremely useful in the process of developing my show. He’s an excellent sounding board and was able to offer practical suggestions which helped me clarify what I was trying to do”
Matt Winning


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