Fringe Coverage 2014

Fringe Coverage 2014

For coverage appearing in the run-up to the Fringe, and during it, please check my Twitter account (@TextualHealing2) this page, and also:

For reviews, see below, meanwhile here is some advance coverage and features:

Joe Bor, Rebecca Humphries, Paula Valluerca, Lizzy Mace, Dave Griffiths and Phil Mann of Battle Acts appeared in The Daily Mail’s best jokes of the Fringe piece:

Here’s some lovely coverage for Rebecca Humphries in The Sunday Times of July 6th, 2014:

Rebecca Humphries Sunday Times 060714

and in Buzzfeed in June:

Here’s Dave Griffiths in the Evening Standard on July 4, 2014:

Dave Griffiths




























Russ Mulligan has blogged for Total Politics (July 8, 2014):

Inder Manocha, Eastern Eye, July 11, 2014

Inder Manocha Eastern Eye interviews:

Paula Valluerca –

The Cleek –


Wild Card Kitty in The List

BattleActs and The Cleek in The List

Joe Bor in The Independent, August 7:

Madeline Carrick in Three Weeks, August 6:

Comedy Blogedy interviews:

Spencer Jones:

Wild Card Kitty:

Lizzy Mace:


5 stars for Rebecca Humphries from The Good Review:

4 stars for Rebecca Humphries from The Public Reviews:

4 stars for Rebecca in Time Out

4 stars for Rebecca in Beyond The Joke

4 stars for Rebecca in Metro

Metro Aug 19th p37

A lovely review for Lizzy Mace in Broadway World:–BWW-Reviews-OVERLOOKED-Cowgatehead-August-1-2014-20140802#.U9yz4EiKQXw

4 stars for Inder Manocha in The Scotsman:

Nice review for The Cleek in Broadway World

Superb 4-star review from The List for Anna Emerson:

4-star review from The Skinny for Anna Emerson:

4-star review for Dave Griffiths in Broadway Baby:

4-star review for Maddy Carrick’s children’s show:

WOW24 / The Scotsman features:

Rebecca Humphries:

Joe Bor:

Spencer Jones:

Herald Q&As:

Rebecca Humphries:

Paula Valluerca:

Anna Emerson in The Times Diary:

An Evening with Patti DuPont (La Favorita Freestival, St John’s) is a rather lovely spoof devised by Anna Emerson. Punters show up expecting an 84-year-old grand dame of Hollywood (nine husbands, 149 films) to regale them with salacious tales from Tinseltown. After a mishap in a plastic surgery suite, however, Patti is indisposed and Linda, her put-upon daughter (played by Emerson) has to deliver the show. Problems began during the previews, when a bloke showed up twice looking for Patti LuPone, a real-life Broadway star. They’ve continued with Fringe audiences taking issue with some of Linda’s wilder claims for her mom, like the bit when she says Patti doubled for Sean Penn in the film Milk. “I heard cries of disgust,” Anna tells us, “It’s pretty late in a clearly fictional life, but they still thought Patti was real.”

Piece in Huffington Post featuring Anna Emerson:

Museum of Comedy’s Edinburgh season:

Bruce Dessau’s Beyond The Joke:

The Londonist:

Islington Gazette:

Anna Emerson Patti DuPont Islington Gazette