Welcome to Textual Healing PR’s Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Acts


In left to right order, per line – each act has a press release linked to their name.

Steve N AllenJoe BorHarriet Braine;

Iain Dale’s All Talk; Olaf Falafel;  Dominic Frisby;

Alex Kealy; Leo KearseKonstantin Kisin;

 Laura LexxErich McElroy; Robin Morgan

By time slot:

2.15pm – Erich McElroy; Radical Centrist, Laughing Horse @ Bar 50, Cowgate

2.50pm – Olaf Falafel; Knitting With Maracas, Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree

4pm – Joe Bor; The Story of Walter and Herbert, Underbelly George Square (Wee Coo)

4.05pm – Robin Morgan; What A Man…, Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree

5.10pm – Dominic Frisby; Libertarian Love Songs, Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema)

5.15pm – Laura Lexx; Knee Jerk, Gilded Balloon Teviot

[extra dates Fri 16 @ 7.45pm; Fri 23 @ 7.45pm]

 6pm – Harriet Braine; Les Admirables, Gilded Balloon @ Old Tolbooth Market

6.40pm – Alex Kealy; Rationale, Just The Tonic at The Caves (Just Up The Road)

7pm – Konstantin Kisin; Orwell That Ends Well, Gilded Balloon Teviot

8.50pm – Steve N Allen; Better Than, The Stand (2)

9.15pm – Leo Kearse; Transgressive, Gilded Balloon Teviot

Announced after the above: Titiania McGrath – Alice Marshall cast in title role 
Pleasance Courtyard at 9.10pm 
TitaniaPortrait copy


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