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Fringe PR & show notes
** special rates for ATI listeners **

Former comedy critic for The Independent and author of the Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy, Julian Hall, is offering PR seminars and show notes for acts going to the Fringe and other festivals.

PR seminars

Julian’s one-off PR seminars last 90 minutes and cost £65*.  These are designed for acts who want to do their own PR (he also offers an ongoing PR service).

The PR seminars cover: writing and disseminating a press release, how to take targeted follow-up action, finding potential feature angles, getting reviewed, devising photo opportunities and media stunts, and advice on promotional material.

Show Notes

Julian’s show notes service involves him attending a preview, writing up notes and discussing them afterwards for up to an hour, this costs £120*. The show notes are designed to helpfully critique your show and suggest ideas that you may wish to develop.

Julian’s PR and/or directing/show notes clients have included: Spencer Jones, Rebecca Humphries, Sajeela Kershi’s Immigrant Diaries, Steve Hall, Geoff Norcott, Alex Edelman, Inder Manocha and Joe Bor.

You can find out more here and contact Julian on: / 07810 486658
*For ATI listeners Julian offering  two reductions:

£7.50 off the PR seminar


£35 off a package of PR seminar plus show notes, so £150 for a package that would normally cost £185.


Reminder of ATI’s interview with Julian:

EP 03 – Julian Hall (comedy reviewer for The Independent newspaper / Fringe PR expert / Author) January 08th, 2015