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LA Story

On October 12, 2011 By

October 2011, self-published

Welcome to a piece that is part travelogue, part essay, part meander…but all heart.

When tourists, like me, come to LA we probably expect to see some stars, other than the ones embedded in Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. Though celebrity spots are by no means […]

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Anyone who has not yet visited New York already knows two things; that it is a “Big Apple” and that it was so good they named it twice. After my last visit to New York I think that I may have found the common theme to both these observations – Brooklyn, the vast, […]

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Spotlight: The New York Comedy Circuit
By Julian Hall
Friday, 19 March 2004

New York has had a cold winter. So cold that, according to the comedian Ben Bailey, everyone in the city looked as if they were homeless, wearing at least three coats and having permanently runny noses. […]

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