My pitch to you.

My pitch to you.

You can relax. You’re in safe hands.

Why? Because you’ve found someone who enjoys writing copy so much they would list it as a hobby as well as a job.

Our mutual satisfaction is crucial. I once heard business described as a situation where both parties walk away content. Too often this is not the case, which is why an essential part of my pitch to you is to establish clarity between us. You tell me exactly what you want and when and I will tell you how that will be delivered and deal with any queries arising after that point.

What I can deliver to you has been shaped by over a decade of writing for newspapers, magazines and a range of non-editorial businesses and has involved a massive range of tasks, including anything from letters and memos to annual reports, brochures and websites.

Take a look at my biography for a detailed breakdown of my career so far and peruse the examples within to get a feel for the scope of my experience. Please feel free to get in touch with me with any further queries. My standard rate is £30 per hour for copywriting. I am happy to discuss a reduced rate for charities.

All the best,